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High Purity Moissanite Crystal

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Hmois Moissanite Crystal has very big size than the nature diamond and cvd diamond and HPHT diamond

All we do is for moissanite products

Moissanite crystal

Rough Moissanite

Below is the detail grade information of our moissanite



Chemical Component

High purity SiC



Relative Density





450GPa(NOTE:   Diamond should be 1050GPa)

Thermal Conductivity


Thermal Coefficient of Expansion



400 Nano to Far TR

Electrical Resistivity

Between 103-1012

Useful of our moissanite crystal,Rough moissanite

Machine of our moissanite crystal, Rough moissanite

Factory of our moissanite crystal, rough moissanite

Exhibition of our company

Bangkok Gem&Jewelry Fair 62nd

Package and shipment and payment of our moissanite crystal

 Why choose us:

(1. we are specialized in manufacturing synthetic gemstones and jewelry according to customers request. All kinds of colors, sizes and shapes can be customized. There are above 1000 skikllful workers and we have strict quality control with good stable quality!

(2.  we have two factory on is in Taiyuan and other one is in Gujiao

Taiyuan manufacture synthetic gemstones moissanite and CVD and HTHP products

Gujiao manufacture all kinds of the moissanite jewelry

(3. Quality grades including A B C D E 5 grade

Moissanite  Maintenance

Although Moissanite is the hardest substance in nature, it is also very brittle, and it is easy to break when it is hit or crushed by external force. Therefore, when doing sports, heavy physical labor, do not wear Moissanite jewelry, so as not to accidentally collide with hard objects, causing Moissanite to cause permanent and irreparable defects. Below Hmois will introduce you to several maintenance issues.

(1. How to clean

Cold water immersion

Use a small bowl or teacup to soak the Moissanite in water for about 30 minutes, then use a small brush to gently scrub around moissanite Stone, then wave it in the water for a while, then take it out and wipe it with a paper towel.

(2. How to maintain

Care for the Moissanite ring, do not hit.

Moissanite is the hardest thing in the world after diamonds, but in fact it can't stand the collision. Especially the "claw-set" Moissanite, the waist is very fragile.

Care for the Mosang diamond ring, take good care of it

The Moissanite ring should be removed when doing heavy work, so as to avoid the deformation of the ring and the Mosang stone.Maintenance Moissanite ring, professional cleaning: Moissanite stone is very lipophilic and easy to contaminate oil, so apply hand cream and remove Moissanite when washing dishes. It can't be worn while swimming, and the chloride bleach in the water will erode the Moissanitering. It is recommended to choose professional jewelry cleaners and instrument cleaning. Maintenance Moissanite Ring, Classified Storage: Classify and store different gems to prevent friction between then.

Brand story


In 1893, The French Nobel Prize winner Dr. Henry Moissan found these sparkling pieces of Sic.

In 1905, To order Dr. Henri moissan, the newly found gem was named Moissanite

Our company in order to celebrate the Dr. Henry Moissan, So named our brand to Hmois

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